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Pastor Melissa Scott

I am curious as to what any of you might opine regarding Pastor Melissa Scott, her Faith Center Church in Glendale, CA, her teachings, and her biographical data.

For years, she has been following me around late at night. OK, not really; for years I have stumbled upon her TV program late at night–especially when the Tums refused to work. :wink:

Intrigued by her scholarly approach to exegesis and, well, her brilliant mind, in general, I have been curious as to what her perspective is on many of the controversial scriptures which most of us here believe faithfully support the doctrine of universal reconciliation. Beyond that, though, I find characteristics in her persona which are seemingly contradictory–or, at the very least, puzzling. When she’s on, she is really ON, and no one else preaches, teaches or sings–and frankly, I could do with a lot less of her singing and simply focus on her knowledge of languages past and present and her multifarious teaching methods. It’s as if she is a walking lexicon/concordance of scriptural insight mixed with some rather perplexing perspectives. Of course, her controversial connection to the late Gene Scott–her deceased husband and former pastor of the church she now pastors–has left me more than a bit befuddled. Nevertheless, I remain intrigued and can’t help but wonder what’s happening behind the scenes, especially since I am very wary of televangelist types who see fit to plug products and request donations from their television audience ad nauseum.


I realise people like this are often hard to contact, but it’s always worth trying :sunglasses: e.g. you could try to email her a question related to UR?