Paul's View of the Resurrection


Hello All,

Rereading The Evangelical Universalist reminded me of a question I have had: Where did Paul get his confident idea of the resurrection?

On page 73, Robin noted that the Old Testament does not convey the idea of life after death until the very end of that period in Daniel 12:2. I have read this idea before. Paul’s statement in Acts 24:15-16 seems to root his confidence in the resurrection based on the Law and the Prophets. Was Paul’s hope in God for the resurrection only shared by some of the Jews of his day? Was Paul suggesting that the Law and the Prophets did foreshadow this reality? If so, where can I find more study on this subject?

Thank you for any help you provide.



This is an awesome subject. Where did he get his information? He was a Pharisee, not a Sadducee.

Acts 23:8
For the Sadducees say that there is no resurrection, nor an angel, nor a spirit, but the Pharisees acknowledge them all.

Of course He also was ministered to by the Spirit confirming the things he studied, and the witnesses of Christ and His words confirmed his belief.


Thank you. I have wondered where the Pharisees developed such a conviction of the resurrection if it was not widely believed from the Old Testament. I have thought about Paul getting this information directly from the Spirit, but what about the Pharisees as a whole?

Anyway, just curious if some intertestamental period material may shed light on the subject. Thank you for responding.