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Planning For The Future (Biblical Evidence)

I’ve recently discovered from my experience that living in the now isn’t the way to go. We must plan for our future. Granted everything changes and we are not to worry about the future but when things change so should our plans and strategies. Living in the present moment and taking things as they come lead to poverty and suffering. We are to have one eye in the past so that we can learn from our mistakes and vow to never commit our mistakes again. The other eye is in the future seeing ahead all the obstacles and pitfalls in our path so that we can plan around them. We use faith to trust God but we also use reason to strategize and plan. Living in the future and past we transcend the present moment and gain power and control of our emotions. We think things through and don’t do them on the spur of the moment. Does anyone know of scriptures that teach that it wise to plan for the future? Maybe Proverbs?

Vowing to never repeat one’s passed sins sounds like a recipe for angst. Unless you can guarantee you’re never going to repeat sin X, if or when you do repeat sin X, you’re feelings of hopelessness are going to be magnified. In the past I have tried to be a moral perfectionist and I inevitably ended up repeating sins that I told myself I would try really, really hard not to commit again. I always told myself next time I’m going to try harder, and yet I would inevitably fall again. My repeated backsliding even caused me to doubt my salvation. I’ve found I’m much better off praying for God to help me serve him while remembering John’s words, that if I do sin, I have an advocate with the Father.


I echo Qaz’s thoughts.


That’s why I said mistakes and not sin. There’s a difference.

I was thinking of the story of Noah and how he built an ark to save him and his family from the coming wrath. This is a Biblical example of preparing for the future. It’s faith in action. We don’t sit and meditate ourselves into the now. We prepare for the future as we trust God.