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Plantinga & Universalism

Alvin Plantinga on Universalism: … ture=share

2:10-4:45 is the section. Thanks to Keith DeRose for finding this little gem.


Yes, Keith & Alvin are great. It’s encouraging that such high calibre Philosophers view universalism so favourably :sunglasses:

That is a real gem!

I don’t know where his brother stands on all this but he skates pretty close to the edge:

grace and peace,

Very encouraging thread. I knew I loved Alvin Plantinga for a reason. :wink: :laughing: And I really love what his brother said!

Wow! That is amazing! I really love Alvin Plantinga - probably one of my favorite philosophers! His work on the Problem of Evil and Ontological argument is also really good… :smiley:

I’m going to have to check this out when I have a few minutes…

Hmm. So he’s a hopeful universalist at best. He “doesn’t believe it, but doesn’t disbelieve it either”. That sounds like either significant doubt or hedging to me. Still, that’s farther than most believers would go.

Unfortunately the YouTube link got taken down but at about the 51 minute mark (& again at 58) of this debate he says something similar.

I love Alvin.

that the center of the Christian religion is not our sin but our Savior.