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Pod cast interview with Robin Parry

For those of you who are interested a podcast interview can be found here: … bin-parry/

Thanks for posting that Robin! I just finished listening to it and it was great so I’ve made this a “Sticky” topic.

The interview was done by Chris (aka Theopologetics on this forum) from Rethinking Hell and covers a bit of Robin’s background before focusing on EU, particularly in relation to EC (Evangelical Conditionalism, aka Annihilationism).

Can’t help but be jealous! :laughing: :mrgreen:

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Does Parry believe in Biblical inerrancy?

Very unlikely.

I seem to recall him taking a position on it similar to mine: he agrees with the Chicago Inerrancy Statement about the authoritative importance of scripture, and about all the qualifications they acknowledged to inerrancy, but consequently doesn’t like to call the result “inerrancy”. :laughing:

But maybe he’ll drop a line here and clarify that. I could be mis-remembering (or projecting). :wink:

I enjoyed the discussion and hope to hear more.

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On his site, Robin cites James Goetz: (Robin does not comment on it)

“I mostly agree with (Roger) Olson. I call my view doctrinal inerrancy; that is, all of the teachings in the Bible are true. And I strongly reject the Holy Spirit and ancient Mediterranean Bible authors wrote with modern standards of history.”

In 2009 Robin posted this (it may not be his current position): … rancy.html

And here is Olson’s (partial) take on inerrrancy: … ngelicals/