Podcast: The debate about “hell”: why both sides are missing the point


Another view about ‘Hell’ :open_mouth:


In a few sentences can you tell me what the person claims?


Good point. I hope hell is NOT, an eternal Zombie Apocalypse.

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Ok, I listened to it. Is he an annihilationist? That’s the impression I got from the last couple minutes. It seemed like he was dodging the question of eternal destinies.


Maybe he wasn’t dodging, maybe he was saying that the bulk of the text was historical, and has little (if anything) to do with the eternal (I assume you mean afterlife). But that is just a guess. You can contact him if you want from his blog. The guy is pretty sharp.


He wasn’t dodging anything, though your response actually proves his point. He actually said this…

The New Testament primarily addresses the condition of peoples and cultures WITHIN history… not the destiny of individuals BEYOND history.

IOW… destructive affliction was a suffering that ended in actual death, NOT a torment inflicted after death.


So is he an anni?


:neutral_face: ask him


So you don’t know his soteriology?


Don’t be lazy so qaz… I wouldn’t presume to speak on his behalf; go pour over his articles and if after that you’re still uncertain ask him yourself either by email or as an open question on site.


I’ve read other posts by Perriman. I’m pretty sure he’s not a universalist.


His argument is fatally flawed because he superimposes his gratuitous interpretation and the roots of NT references to Gehenna in the OT, but ignores the crucial role of intertestamental Judaism in shaping NT thought. His denial that the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus is a case in point. He forgets that the conversation between the dead rich man and Abraham has roots in Jewish apocalyptic in which such conversations are envisaged. So this parable does assume the rich man’s conscious torment in Hades.


@davo what do you think of berserk’s response to Perriman?