Poll: Focus on convincing the Church or non-believers of EU?


Do you think you should focus more on convincing the Church or non-believers of EU?

  • Focus on the Church
  • Focus equally on both
  • Focus on neither
  • Focus on non-believers

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Do you think you* should focus more on convincing** the Church or non-believers of EU?

*I’m allowing that maybe we each need to focus on different people? So please answer for yourself, however, feel free to comment below, particularly if you think generally we need to focus on something which you don’t or can’t.

**I acknowledge that it’s only by the Holy Spirit’s help that we make any progress, and I also acknowledge it’s not all about convincing people. i.e. we are called first and foremost to love God & people.


At the moment I feel compelled to focus on the Church, however, I’ll happily tell anyone if an appropriate opportunity arrises (which has happened about 5 times over the last 6 months).


i guess for me, seeing as i “could be wrong”…i would only want to convince other believers that it’s as valid as free will theology and 6 billion times more valid than Calvinism (excepting Calvinist Universalism, which is fair enough)…

as for the unsaved, convincing them could be hard because the usual argument of “what does it matter if i change my life now, if it all works out in the end.” which i have an answer for, but i am not sure that i allow God to shine through me enough for that to be compelling (the argument is that God loves us now, and we can enjoy His fellowship now, and that real sin is destructive so why not avoid it).

so i must make sure that His light is shining before i can focus on anyone. but He can bring me opportunities and if EU is a relevant topic at the time, it can be used.

…as an alternative vote, being a black metaller with a non Christian girlfriend and many nonChristian friends, i suppose there would be room for me saying the unsaved are a focus by defauly though, so i’m slightly torn on the vote


I think that there will always be those who say, “God accepts me, so I’ll do whatever I want”. I’ve seen this with Christians(?) from all backgrounds. I agree though, it’s a question we must be able to answer well (as you have).


it’s a toughy, but a weak “flaw”…as the same could be (and has been) said for any kind of gracious theology such as Martin Luther promoted.
as soon as you take away the whip, people are afraid all “hell” will break loose and people will become uncontrollable. sometimes it’s true, but it doesn’t justify the whip!


While EU is naturally part of my evangelical outreach to non-believers, logically I think it makes more sense to try to convince them first of a bunch of other things without which there could be no Christian Universalism.

So I reported the first option: focus on convincing the Church in regard to EU; but I can’t say I much like putting it that way because it makes it seem like EU doesn’t involve evangelical outreach to non-Christians.


I replied neither, because I’m kinda tired of the fights and would just like to rest awhile and simply focus on loving God and loving one another.


Neither for me.

I don’t generally feel called to focus on convincing people of EU – although at times I feel specifically called to do so. That’s why most of my online discussions are at this site where most people are either already convinced, actively seeking, or otherwise specifically interested in this discussion. Part of living our faith may include debating it with people, but I find it easy to get drawn into endless discussions with people who are more interested in defending their doctrinal statement and traditions than they are at really delving into scripture. We’re supposed to be ready to give an answer to those who ask about the faith we have, and some may be called to actively do that more so than I. :sunglasses:

That said, I find non-Christians more open to the idea of EU (except the ones who have something against Christianity and want as much ammo against it as they can get.) They don’t have anything invested in the doctrine of Hell, so don’t have a motive to “explain away” the clearly universalist passages. They don’t have emotional ties to Hell doctrines, have no fear of going to Hell for getting the Hell doctrine wrong, and EU presents God as both Just and Loving in a transcending and amazing way.



I rather like that the “focus neither” vote currently outweighs all the others put together. :smiley:


I am around one month in to my new understanding of his Love for all his creation. His awakening in my life regarding this, was also what he used in returning me to him after 11 years. I am just taking it as he leads. There are conversations I am having with those around me but I am 100 percent confident that he will open everyones hearts in his time, just as he did with me in due timing. I am just enjoying all the things he’s teaching me every single day, watching prayers get answered and him just generally drawing close and communing with me.

My vote is for us to just abide in him and share “as he leads”. Maybe I am being Naive with this new found faith, but it seems that he will really let us know he wants us to share or not.


My focus is mostly on prayer for the church and for brethren who are under the delusion of a sadistic god monster torturer of infinite duration. Trying to reconcile this god with the loving Father God is kind of a self-imposed insanity. I just try to love on them and give them over to the Lord who has the ability to soften the heart.


I agree with this, and don’t think it’s naive at all! There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer to every situation–just walking with God and following His lead, trusting His timing for all things.



Well if you want to help brothers see the light you can participate in the book reviews on Amazon. Especially for books like Chan’s “Erasing Hell” and the like. I would suggest an intentional effort to provide loving, gentle and well reasoned case.


I voted neither also …

And ditto with what Sherman and SLJ… I agree totally… Live loved and love others and see where Father leads :smiley: