Poll: The Rapture


Do you believe in a literal Rapture is to come? Why or why not?

  • Yes, I believe in a coming literal Rapture.
  • No, I do not believe in a literal Rapture.
  • No, I believe the Rapture has already taken place.
  • No, I believe in a “spiritual” Rapture.
  • No, other.

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Do you believe in a literal Rapture that is to come?


Without going into details, yes I expect a literal rapture although I’m more agnostic as to whether it would be pre or post tribulation.

I won’t be upset if the rapture turns out to be one of the other options, though. :slight_smile: (The rapture works very differently in my fantasy novels, for example. Or raptures, perhaps I should say. :mrgreen: )


a fan of Clive Barker perchance?

i used to be staunchly pre-trib. now i’m totally agnostic!!!


In my universalist readings, I have encountered quotes from a number of pastors who, like many universalists, came to regard the notion of a “literal rapture” in much the same way as the traditional doctrine of hell; unbiblical (as opposed to anti-biblical).

I tend to agree with them. I think what we have traditionally described as the “rapture” will happen, but in a spiritual sense, partly since the new Jerusalem is to come down to earth from heaven. I don’t think this rapture has anything to do with “the tribulation” per se (at least not in the traditional dispensationalist sense), but is simply part of the resurrection. I think that puts me more in the postmillenial or amillenial camp.


I voted “spiritual rapture”, but eschatology is the least developed of my theologies. I voted “spiritual rapture” because I believe that when we drop our predominant focus on this present temporal reality and our eyes are fully opened to the present transtemporal reality of the spiritual realm, also a present reality. It’s like going through a curtain; both sides of the curtain exist simultaneously though we only see one side, except for those who have had either visions/dreams of the other side, or had a NDE (near death experience). When we die, we go through the curtain (rise from death) and enter fully into the presence of God. I think this is what Paul referenced when he said to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. When speaking of the ressurection of the dead though, we speak of it as in the future, because for those of us who are alive it is in the future.

But like I said, eschatology is the least developed of my theologies. I haven’t even begun to study all the related scriptures or work through the issues and concepts.


I voted future literal rapture. I just believe it’s going to be universal rather than partial.