Poll: What about Jim Fowler for our next Premier Quarterly?


Poll: What about Jim Fowler for our next Premier Quarterly?

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  • No

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Jim Fowler wrote “Universalism: Forms and Fallacies” christinyou.net/pages/universalism.html

I invited him via email over two weeks ago and didn’t get any response, so does someone in the USA want to try to get in contact with him?



Sure! If we can get him to respond! :mrgreen: Maybe he’s just busy with the holidays.



I hope that’s the reason, otherwise I’d be a little disappointed.


Incidentally: due to computer issues (and headcold issues :wink: ) I’m behind working on analyzing his article, but I’m definitely halfway through.


Is anyone in the US interested in trying to contact him?

I looked him up on whitepages too (assuming he lives in Fallbrook which is where his website PO Box is):

1242 Bellver Cir
Fallbrook, CA 92028-3506
(760) 723-9005
Age: 65+
Household: Grace A Fowler, Charis A Fowler


Wow, he’s really close to us! Make Gene do it! :laughing:


That’s awesome, just turn up on his door step and see what happens :astonished: :wink:


I ran this by Gene and he said he’d be willing to contact him. He couldn’t find this post, after I’d mentioned it to him. I did a quick check of the map and Fowler is an hour and 10 min. away from us. Pretty close that a door to door visit is possible, but a call might be easier. We can nominate my retired father, Bob Wilson, to go up there for a chat. I probably shouldn’t go nominating him. Let’s see if we can get Fowler to respond. I’m glad he really wants to hear from us. That’s reassuring. :smiley: Sooner or later he should probably pick up the phone.