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Hi, James. With regard to my question about how to Post topics, you said
For posts, you click “board index” --> then topic index or category you wish to post in --> then “new topic” at top
For images, you click the Img tag in the post you’re creating and put the image URL in the tag beginning and end
There might be other ways, which the admins and contributors here can add to what I’ve said.

When I click on “Board index” there is no “new topic” option – only “User Control Panel”, “View Your Posts” and “View Active Topics”

Thank you

Hi Steve:
You click on board index. Then click on category like EVANGELICAL UNIVERSALISM - Discussion Negative. Once you click that, you see NEW TOPIC at the top. Out of curiosity, how are you even posting here, if you have trouble with navigation?

I posted once – about a year ago. I’d like to do another post or two, but I couldn’t remember what I did the first time. Thank you.