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pretty please !

how about a whole new section on , moral dilemmas

Would it be a subcategory of “Theology” or “Practices” or somewhere else?

true , it is also partly philosophical or mostly philosophical, strictly dealing with morality :wink:

I would leave it as philosophical and have them post there.

perhaps I’m being too pedantic ! hence the request as it doesn’t really fit precisely anywhere

I tend to agree that moral dilemmas, although certainly practical, are primarily philosophical in methodology and so belong under philosophy (unless you’re asking for advice and not bringing them up to discuss principles and principle application pro or con.)

If we had enough moral dilemma principle discussions under philosophy we could port those to their own subcategory under philosophy, I suppose (with further discussions of that sort to go there, too.)

How many threads on moral dilemma principle discussions do we have already?

good question I’m not that sure as I’m fairly new nor am I going to be insistent on it . philosophy is probably the best place for it even though the topic isn’t ‘‘strictly’’ theory.

I’ve created Moral Dilemmas under Theology - Philosophical. Jason feel free to move threads into it…

thank-you Alex :slight_smile: