Private mails may be lagging (or something)


It’s Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010. Over the past few days, I have received notices in my Compuserve mailbox from the site’s system alerting me to private mails here on the forum–but they don’t seem to have arrived. Or not all of them (I know one of them did from Sonia, yesterday.)

If you’ve sent me emails during the past week (let’s say) and I haven’t replied: it isn’t me, it’s the system! :wink: I try hard to answer pms ahead of other correspondence on my schedule. I’ve thinned out my inbox a little–maybe it was getting full (but if so there’s no indication one way or another).

If you’ve sent pms to other members recently and they haven’t replied: it might be the same problem. Hopefully it’s only server lag or something like that, and the mails will eventually be delivered.


I’ve had the same thing. Emails saying you ‘have a private message’ and then 0 on the site. I presumed it was just the notification lagging behind the actual pm.


That could be it, too; but my impression (possibly based on some shaky inferences from half-baked data :mrgreen: ) is that the mails were lagging the other way or else not arriving.

I’m going to try to remember not to delete my email pm notices for a while, until I can confirm the pm involved with each notice has arrived; and then maybe get a clearer idea what’s happening.


Ooh! I do envy you organised types :smiley:


Yes, well, notice I said “TRY!” :laughing:

(This has been going on a while now, and I haven’t managed to remember to do it yet. Hopefully, having typed it out will make it easier to remember. Then again, the way my brain works, typing it out might be filed mentally under “yep, done already!” :wink: )


Update: a recent test seems to indicate the lag is with my email program, not with private mail on the forum.

Whew. Good. :smiley:


I was going to say; you still use compuserve?

I think you must be the only person I know who still uses that. :open_mouth:


I used that back on my Atari ST days. Love that old computer.


I can confirm that the problem was lagging delivery on CServe, by the way.

What’s sadder, is that technically I’m supposed to be able to use it for free (after they added a bunch of ad content); but somehow I’m still paying $5 a month or something like that. One of those things I’ve been too lazy to hunt down and fix. (Also, I’m afraid they’ll conveniently goof up and eliminate my access. :unamused: )


Family Guy’s the SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING, DARKSIDE movie made fun of Compuserve! I laughed when Peter gives his characters email address, "," and then looks into the screen, “Yea, Compuserve.”