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Paidion was able to send me a private message, but I was unable to reply. I believe he said he doesn’t have PM’s disabled, so what could cause this? Could this be looked into? The message says “Some users couldn’t be added as they have disabled private message receipt.”


Gabe, I checked things out. It seems my inbox was full, and it was set to accept no more messages in that condition. (My bad).
I deleted all previous messages. Try sending one now. I think you will have success.


Hm, that kind of reminds me to check on something… :wink:


Nope, was unable to reply. Same message. I have been trying to send you a PM for a while now… lol, I guess it isn’t meant to be. :slight_smile:




Also, I just sent a test pm to Paidion, too. If it goes through or not, either way that’ll be evidence for Alex to work with.

(Admins can’t track private messages, so far as I recall from my occasional bouts of having admin powers; so you’ll have to let us know whether it went through or not, Paidion.)


:confused: Gabe are you able to sent a PM to me to see if sending to other people still works for you?


Yep, I was able to send it to you. Maybe Paidion has me on his enemy list or something? :slight_smile:




I received you PM, and replied to it, Jason.

Gabe, can you sent a PM to ANYONE?


Yes, I sent one to Alex.


Hm, yes, Paidion got mine and I got his.

Even if you didn’t foe Gabe’s pmail, Paidion, at this point I kind of recommend going through the steps to foe it just to check whether some kind of coding glitch has done it by accident. (Not the forum foe procedures, those are different.)


I’m a technological dummy & have a query re PM’s.

Why are PM’s sitting in my OUTBOX for hours? As if they’ve never been sent. They finally leave the outbox hours later.

Though one message stayed there for months & never left. I finally deleted it.

When i submit a message a screen appears saying the message has been sent. Even in the “outbox” it says re each message that it has been sent. Then it stays in the outbox for hours, rather than going into the “sent” folder. It makes me wonder if the message has really been sent.

Has anyone else had this issue?


I looked quickly, at the PHPBB forums. I used the keywords “why do phpbb pms stay in outbox for hours” into Google. This answer at … &t=1133170 - seems appropriate:

If this answer doesn’t fit your circumstances, then I’ll see what other tech forums say.


Yes, at one time I was wondering about the same thing. I,too, had one that stayed there for years, and I also finally deleted it.

Yes, this is the answer (as HFPZ quoted). I didn’t have to search the internet to discover this. I finally figured it out on my own.


As an ad/mod I can confirm, that’s how the system works. :nerd: I still have a few uncollected outbox messages myself!

It isn’t a bug, though. This was done intentionally to allow users to edit or delete messages after sending but before receipt. I know I and other people have used it that way occasionally in my correspondences over the years.