Pro ECT hell books: what do you guys think of this one?


Hell on Trial: The Case for Eternal Punishment by Robert A. Peterson. This guy has a chapter on hell and the old testament. I’d like to see what he has there. I know this should be under “books” but since it is pro ECT, I put it here. Any thoughts?


To be honest the pro-ECT stuff (thinking of the material Joe gave me) I’ve read I felt was pretty lame, especially when compared to EU which still acknowledges Judgment Day & Hell (albeit for a finite period). I realise that this statement will appear very biased :unamused:


one (but not the only) reason i opened up to universalism (and if convinced otherwise i will fall back on annihilationism) is because the evidence for ECT is incredibly sketchy. i’ve looked into it, i’ve read the defenses…and they have been weak and stretched out pitifully to cover the gaping holes.

i suppose it’d be worth reading something new though …if i could be bothered to shell out money for something that will ultimately just annoy me is another matter though LOL


I might pick it up, the cheapest used one I can find, but probably not because the reviews are so bad.