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Promoting the Savior of the World to Concertgoers

I just wanted to share something I did last week that may spur others to promote Jesus in any way possible.

I live about an hour from Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Last Friday night there was a big Christian concert being held there with multiple big name bands playing. The arena holds 15,000 people. I had heard about the show for about a month on the radio, and thought that it would be a good place to promote Jesus as the Savior of the world. I knew God was nudging me to do this.

I wasn’t sure if I would make it in time because it was a work night. I worked later than I wanted to, but decided to go anyway when I got home. I asked my wife to go with me, but she didn’t want to stand outside and hand out cards. I told her she could go shopping for an hour or so and come pick me up later (plus we could save on parking). No go. So I went by myself. That’s OK. I was on a mission. The concert was scheduled for 7pm. I arrived at the arena at 6:30 after searching hard for parking and finally finding a lot for $8. I still had to walk quite a distance to get there.

The joint was jumping and people were streaming into the show. The first set of doors I came to weren’t nearly as busy as the entrance up the hill. So I walked up there and surveyed the situation. I wasn’t really sure what to do, since I had never done this before. I was nervous, but determined. God had already told me what to say, so that gave me some peace.

I was surprised that no one else was outside the arena preaching, or handing out tracts, which is what I’ve seen at other shows. But I did this because I believed God told me to go. You never know who is going tho be at these shows. Sure, there will be Christians there. But there will also be a lot of unbelievers that have been invited by friends. Maybe some backsliders, too.

I watched the stream of people roll by, and with a handful of cards I attacked them. Well, not really, I approached them. I simply said the words that God gave me and held out my hand with a card - “Enjoy the show.” Everyone I offered to took the card. Usually if it was a group, I would hand a card to the first person, and the rest of the group would stand there with a hand out wanting their own card. I think some of them thought I was with the arena or the bands. I felt guilty when I handed a card to one lady who gave me an overjoyed “Thank you!” I seriously think she thought I was giving her a free ticket into the show.

I talked to a few people, but nothing deep or theological. The last thing I wanted was to get into a debate. I just wanted to hand out cards. Overall I handed out about 100 cards in 30 minutes. For the most part, I was happy with how it went. I think I’ll do more things like this in the future. And I hope this has encouraged you to promote our amazing Savior any way possible.

The Cards
The cards I handed out were business card size. I got them through Vistaprint at a very good price. Full color, two sided. On one side is a graphic like a blue sunburst. The title says About Him, and is followed by an explanation of Jesus being the Savior of the world in very small type. The second side has a graphic of a man standing with arms raised to heaven. The title is TheBiggestJesus, followed by a slogan, followed by my website, then an introduction to my book and where they can get it.

I wanted to use a business card for this because people could easily put it in their pocket if they were in a hurry (which most of them were). I envisioned people after the concert going out to eat and discussing the information on the card. The fact that I was the only one handing out information is a plus - no competition for attention. My prayer is that Gos blesses the seeds that were planted, and I believe He will.

Interesting, Wes! :smiley:

I hope it does plant some seeds.

Al the best,

Great post! I’m new here, I’d like to visit your website, could you please share it with me?

Fisherofmen, I'm going to page Wes to make sure he sees your question. [tag]WesF[/tag]

I have been feeling the desire to do something like this. Sometimes I think I just want to because I can’t easily so its easy for me to think it but not act on it. (Hubby is a baptist minister in a small town so I can’t go evangelizing about UR to people connected to our town or church. When we went on vacation though I thought about it too, could have left a little UR tract/card at each hotel we were at. I’d love to see a link to the sight you posted on the cards. I bought 2 copies of hope beyond hell with the hope I would somehow be able to share a copy.

I have participated in door to door evangelism and been pretty bold at times sharing my faith before learning about UR. I did it more out of duty though. NOW I still struggle with believing UR is true, seems too good to be true and I don’t want to give people false hope. At the same time the gospel now really seems like super good news and I WANT to share it. I have with my christian counselor I was seeing and I have shared with my daughter and both times I was just so happy that I could share what I think/hope really is the GOOD News.