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Reasons I'm Universalist And Not A Calvinist


Thanks Jason.


The system of Calvinism is a logical one that sees no break in the chain of reasoning. This is what I do when I’m delusional. I connect the dots and box myself in as it isolates me from the rest of the world. I become a specially chosen one by God. A better way to see this is that Christ is the specially chosen one of God. He’s the focal point. It’s when we die to self and surrender (let go) that we become elect because we’re in Him. He remains the focal point and people still have free will. Calvinism is determinism and with no break in the chain it makes one like me see conspiratorial significance in everything because “I’m special” in the universe. I take specialness to an extreme degree to where I think I’m a famous person. It’s a megalomania. An extreme form of ego. I must strip myself of all glory and keep God at the center. Divine love singles Christ out as the chosen one and He then shows His love by dying for all humanity. Divine love keeps God central as it includes all of creation. Not a select few. Not me specifically. I’m nobody special. We’re all one. People like R.C. Sproul place such a high significance on each individual with self-esteem and make them a specially chosen one by God. This is ego. We become one with Christ in dying to self. We lose ourselves and merge with Divine love as we become an empty vessel.

I think the self has to die. That’s what the bible seems to think. There must be a letting go, a surrendering, an emptying of the self. All efforts to define the self by acts of justification, the accumulation of evidence and data that the self is significant, have to be renounced. ~~ Richard Beck



Sweet love Divine has consumed me and melted away all labels. I am nothing.