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Jesus Creed is another site I watch and participate in some. Today I just posted the following at I thought the last paragraph was especially good (if I do say so myself). It is in response to Wayne’s post that basically asks “If UR then why evangelize?”

Hi Wayne @ 119,

Personally speaking, Universal Reconciliation (UR) has energized and empowered evangelism and missions in my life. I have a much greater faith in the power of the Gospel, the good news of God’s love for us and the DBR of Christ for I believe that God Wins, that Love Wins. And a foundational belief of UR is the brotherhood of all humanity – that every person is my family, my brother or sister, whether they realize it or not. This has given me a tremendous love for people whom I do not know. Another belief of UR is the recognition of the present evil age, the present kingdom of darkness. My brothers and my sisters are slaves in this present kingdom of darkness, and the faith that God will ultimately deliver them, to reconcile them, fuels my passion to participate in that ministry of reconciliation, to give my life in service to those who are slaves to the kingdom of darkness. Love + Faith is a much more powerful motivation than Love + Fear. Coming to be a convinced universalist has given me much more faith in the power of love, the power of grace, and the power of the Gospel.

Also, sharing my faith in Christ has become much easier because the Good News of UR is much more “good” than the traditional message “God loves you but if you don’t (whatever) you’re going to burn in Hell forever.”

Oh, and concerning missions, I wonder how many people are hindered from putting their faith in Christ because to do so according to the traditional gospel, one must also accept that their deceased loved ones are being tortured forever.

In the traditional doctrine of Hell, God doesn’t win and most of humanity remains lost, slaves to sin forever. The kingdom of God, though maybe larger in size, is smaller in human population than the kingdom of darkness that is never really conquered, but is shoved off to some corner because love could not free them from their slavery to unrighteousness. Love fails!

Comment by Sherman Nobles — March 9, 2011 @ 11:06 am


There is something wrong with the heart of a person who only spreads the good news, and good fame of their father - not because he is a good father, the best of fathers infact - but only because they believe that their father as poised to strike a hard blow on everyone who doesn’t appease him.

There was something wrong with me back in the day.


We evangelize so that folks avoid hell, yes. It’s not like hell is a nice place to be. But the foremost reason we evangelize is because God deserves to be worshipped. Piper is right…the absence of worship is the [fundamental] reason for missions. To me, a) everybody’s eventually making it isn’t a reason not to make every sacrifice now to insure that people take the best path toward making it, and b) every day God isn’t worshipped and loved as he deserves is a state of affairs deserving of every possible sacrifice on our part to remedy. Ask your friend, “How wonderful is God to know?” Wonderful enough to do all you can to introduce your friends to him NOW instead of blowing it off just because you know your friends will eventually meet him anyway?



A hearty amen to all the above posts! :sunglasses: