Regenerating Cells


Interesting report what do you think of it?



I’m wondering why USMC drill sergeants chewing out recruits, is considered to be a similar topic… :mrgreen:

Otherwise, very interesting report. This month’s First Things (which will have the article available online in about three months) features an article by Joseph Bottum on how the stem-cell drive became so politicized–and thereby so terribly misleading. Then suddenly, last Nov, when the Japanese announced they could create the exact same cells without messing with an embryo (stem cells aren’t found in nature; they have to be artificially created), the whole thing dropped off the political and popular-news radar.

I’m glad things are moving along in this field. Medical costs could potentially drop enormously as a result. (Which probably means that it’ll never pass FDA approval. :wink: )


LOL! Isn’t that the truth! I can see it now…
Heart transplant 1500.00
Liver Transplant 1300.00
Kidney (single) 1200.00
Kidney (double) 1500.00

FOOT REGROWTH 300.00 per foot

I don’t think the FDA will let this one fly at all LOL!


As my favorite medical speakers (a longtime vet and autopsist for zoos) once put it: “Chicken cartilage had become a drug!” :laughing: