request for help on new book


Greetings to all,

I appreciate this community and respect your opinions.

I am currently working on a book titled “We Have Been Wrong About Hell,
The Bible Does Not Teach Hell Is Eternal.”

All criticism and suggestions for improvement would be
appreciated. The purpose of the book is to stay focused on one
subject, accessible to anyone, that the Bible does not teach
hell is eternal. I believe there is a need for a book to focus
on this single point because many people are not ready to
“swallow” more at one time.

The manuscript is currently in individual chapters at:

Thanks for any help you may offer,



Sounds like a great idea! I own the domain (although I haven’t had time to put anything up yet) so I’m definitely keen to see thoughtful books on this important topic. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to read through some of your book and give you some feedback.


I just read the section on Hell in the OT. I think its important to point out verses like Daniel 12:12 (I think) Bible students will always say well what about…

I look forward to reading this. Thanks for putting it in pdf.


I haven’t been able to look it over yet, but the topical focus seems like a good idea!