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Forgive me if this has already been posted elsewhere… the UK radio program “Unbelievable” has interviewed Rob Bell and actually videotaped the discussion, and it can be accessed on their website. This same program interviewed Robin Parry a while back.



Thanks!–I do seem to recall the link being posted before, but we don’t have a clearinghouse area for Rob Bell interviews and articles.


I enjoyed this interview too :sunglasses:

See the discussion Debate With Rob Bell Video


I have not watched the video clip yet, but I was just listening to a clip from Rob Bell on you-tube just a day or two ago. He was saying that he is not a Universalist, etc, etc. I am confused.


He says he’s not a universalist because he believes God loves us enough to let us choose. Here he is saying it. I really like that clip. :smiley:

(But I’m not sure I agree that the ultimate manifestation of Love is always to let people choose whatever they want.)

Some here say he actually is a universalist, or perhaps a “hopeful universalist”. He does believe that UR is a possibility, he just doesn’t think we can know for sure.



Nice to see him bring his position back to scripture and a well educated one at that. Aguing based on original language and context.

This is the first time I have heard him speak on this subject and it was nice to see that he has more depth to his arguement than what may be in “love wins”.

Seeing the evangelical across for him use the arguement of “Tradition” was hard to watch, and brought me back to where I started in my journey of universalism. Jesus correcting the Pharisees interpretation of the scripture, which was incorrect and based on tradition vs the truth and character of God.