Rob Bell streaming Q&A Monday night (14 March)


Any guesses about what the questions will be!! :wink:

Edited to add: The stream is now archived here –


I think it costs $12 to livestream it.


:unamused: It will be an effective fundraiser.


It looks to me like the livestream is free. The tickets to attend the event in NYC are $12.



Still a good fundraiser :smiley: mind you, if I could go I would!


The True Gospel (Good News) None Left Behind, Love Wins, Christianity Without Insanity.No more Spiritual Terrorism by the Fear Based Fundamentalists and their “God Of Damnation”. The True and Complete Reformation of Christianity is under way. The return to the God of Unconditional Love and Universal Salvation, which was The Prevailing Doctrine of The Christian Church During The First 500

So Who are the false prophets, teaching false doctrine, claiming to be Disciples of Christ but are of the “Synagogue of Satan”? Jesus says you will know them by their fruits.
Also a great book that supports “Love Wins” is “Spiritual Terrorism” From The Womb To The Tomb by Boyd Purcelll PhD.
Jesus didn’t come to Condemn and Terrorize but to bring Life and Life More Abundantly. Jesus is the bestower of “The Peace That Passes All Understanding”, “Jesus is The Prince Of Peace”. Jesus said “I’ll draw All men unto me”.Love Wins - None Left Behind.


So I guess this is 4 pm my time. I’d like to watch. Thanks for the heads up Alex. And it does look like it’s free. I’ve already got it bookmarked and ready! :smiley:


Me too! I guess I didn’t realize we live in the same time zone. :sunglasses:

Man, I hope I get to. I’ll be super busy tomorrow between loads of homework and preparing for my flight Tuesday to see relatives. :frowning:

He fielding questions from over the internet, or just in-person there?



I see at least one forum member is going to be attending in person too!


Really!? Who, who!? :mrgreen:


Sorry Justin and Alex,

Facebook says I am attending “live”. But, that means I am attending the live streaming event. I can’t wait to watch, and it takes place at 6 my time. I have to lock myself away from the children so I can listen in. Let’s pray they do not burn down the house in the process…fire, hell, fire, hell. :open_mouth:

Hey, Hell does spark artists’ imaginations.



Ease off the coffee, Rev Jim (not to be confused with Javajames, I guess :wink: ). We’re reluctant about going around preaching that those who don’t agree with us are of the Synagogue of Satan etc.

This is a forum for sober technical discussion about the merits of the various positions, pro or con, with charitable appreciation of the strengths of the opposition where applicable. I realize there are people who have felt like they have been spiritually “terrorized” by Arms and/or Calvs; and depending on how they go about it there can be some weight to that accusation. But this forum isn’t set up to complain about that (aside from some grief counseling together here and there, of which this thread isn’t one), much less to make prophetic denunciations and proclamations.

Please read and respect the Forum Rules and Policies (which can be found at this hyperlink here.) They apply to universalists as well as to non-universalists.



Don’t blame the coffee…blame the water :smiley:


Just tuned in, right on time as he was walking onto the stage! :laughing:

Shoot I hope this doesn’t set me back too much or make me late for class!


You know what, it is going to be hard to get as constructive with this live cast as I hoped unless everybody is on some common understanding of vocabulary and conceptualization. :confused:


bwahaha, I know, right? Everything was all over the place. It was confusion - Babylon!

Well I really really have to go now… Rob was pretty ambiguous about everything, but he did get to the heart of the questions even if he didn’t have any final answers. I think he’s doing a fairly good job, though. They also defined universalism pretty badly and gave it several different definitions. :confused: :laughing:


I have to say that I was a bit disappointed overall with Rob’s answers. He seemed to have a difficult time answering questions directly (and sometimes understanding them clearly), and when he did he was more interested in telling anecdotal stories from his church than trying to explain what God has revealed through the Bible. To be honest, it kind of put me off reading his book, if his talk was any indication of the depth that the book might deliver (plus I still have the “Universal Salvation: The Current Debate” to finish, which is a more substantive examination!).

I was really excited for the telecast and the book, as it’s been such a high-profile broach of the topic, and a discussion that I think is as important to have now as ever. But unfortunately Bell didn’t seem to prove himself up to the task of defending the topic effectively, or - dare I say it - from a very “orthodox” slant. Granted, I’m sure he didn’t ask to be the poster child for the universalism debate, but it feels like a missed opportunity. I find myself wanting to counter several of the things he said instead of wanting to point people to it as an introduction to the topic.

(By the way, my name is David. Long time lurker, first time poster.)



I am glad you posted and expressed your disappointment. What is even better is that you are trying yo keep an open mind and study these issues. As I watched, it became clear that it will be difficult to answer the questions directly in light of the various backgrounds of those asking and watching. With it being a q & a, it may not have been the best until after the book was released.

With Bell, I have learned to be patient and listen.


Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately 7pm their time (11am Tuesday for me), I was flat out at work, so completely missed it.

Welcome David, it’s always exciting when people come out of the woodwork :sunglasses:



Excuses, excuses… :wink:

Good news! You can still watch it at the same link. They archived it…enjoy!