Roman's Road


Most of us evangelicals are familiar with the scripture in Romans that we have been taught to read to those who want to be saved. I had an experience a few days ago that changed my mind about the word saved in Romans particularly 10:13 Whosoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. I was praying about a particular situation the other day and I simply said “Lord save me” meaning from the situation. I realized later that my attitude about the situation had changed without any effort of my own. Can anyone tell me what the word saved means in these verses?


I think saved (‘Sozo’) here is multifaceted even though the reference from Joel 2:32 speaks directly of the “Great and terrible day of the Lord”. In a broad sense it means to escape from whatever the threat is ie: deliverance/safety/freedom from destruction or sickness or peril. “Wholeness”. I believe it is also a component of the name “Jesus” which reads (literally) “The self existent one makes free”.


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