The Evangelical Universalist Forum

Sacred Cows


[size=150]Slay all the myriad sacred cows.
Crush the relic statues of old.
Tear down the ivory towers of men.
Break in the gates of their ancient strongholds.

Mighty warriors flow from the sound of His voice.
Piercing the night His lightnings flash,
Thunders roaring and shaking the parapets,
Reducing the wood, hay and stubble to ash.

Who has known the mind of the Lord?
Who has given that He should owe
A blessing upon presumption and pride?
To honor the rags of this paltry show?

Fire dissolves the principles of men,
Foundations exposed as floors turn to dust,
All the elements of vain imagination consumed,
The iron in the clay all corrupted with rust.

The one with ten thousand stars in His eyes
Sees through the veils and writes on the walls.
“Strengthen what little remains”, says the One,
Whose kingdom endures when man’s kingdom falls.

Their silver on balances tossed to and fro,
Scribes and lawyers and Pharisees weigh
Every doctrine. Every law. All that piety for show.
Turning so quickly to be on their way

From the man on the roadside, beaten and bleeding,
Or old Lazarus left upon the doorstep needing
Just a little grace, just an open door,
Just one place of refuge, just one friendly shore.

There we find Jesus, “Friend of sinners”, He is called.
“Guilty as charged!” says the Shepherd, who calls,
“Come all who are thirsting. Drink of life! Drink of Me!”
“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free!”[/size]