Sanctuary Downtown, great sermons by a great pastor


Not sure if many of you know about Peter Hiett and his church in Denver, Sanctuary Downtown.

I live on the other side of the world but listen to a lot of podcasts and love his sermons.

Please read about his story here … eretic.pdf


Thanks for the info, I’ve never heard of him, but I’ll check him out if I get the chance :slight_smile:


He’s barefoot…

…I like him already!



Wow Scott, Peter is definitely seeing things like many of us here. Glad to learn of another kindred spirit. I look forward to going to the site and reading the papers he mentions.


Looks like one of the good guys :slight_smile:
Appears to have been thrown out of his denomination for refusing to renounce his “heretical” views. Nice.


Yes, I also find Peter a sharp and kindred soul. He pastored where a sister of my former associate attended, I’ve corresponded with him, and found reading his syllabus on the case he presented to his presbytery at his defrocking to be brilliant and gracious.


Noticed Peter is a graduate from Fuller Seminary. It seems like so many grads, including Rob Bell who attended there (can’t think of who else, but I’ve seen others) are turning to the darkside, or light side - whichever way you look at it. :sunglasses: Fuller is just cranking them out!


Just wanted to say Peter hiett is AWESOME! Had a 19 hour drive a couple days ago, and listened to 4 of his sermons (dream the impossible dream, do you believe in hell, how big is easter, and zombies and vampires)-- some of the best preaching I’ve heard in a while. I’ve also read half of his “all things new” book/paper. Awesome, especially because most of my friends are EPC. Then again, if he got “kicked out,” that may backfire a bit…

Anyway, although of course I never agree 100% with anyone :slight_smile:, I wholeheartedly recommend his stuff because of his assiduousness in study and his humility and love for Jesus and others.


I absolutely loved his stuff as well!! Great reading.