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Save Me From Me


I’m lost and don’t know

The true me
The loving and compassionate

I’m shattered inside
Torn in pieces by

I’m empty and broken
Scattered about life’s shores
I need you to save me from


Thank you God
For my mistakes
That I make everyday

Thank you life
For the simple
Blessings you have


I trust you when
I don’t understand
And you love me

Protect me from
The snares of Satan
Casting him into hell



I broke myself with
Beauty when we

I was saved from
my self imprisonment

It was me breaking me


Tell someone you love them
For time is running out
Tomorrow they may be gone
You can’t make sense of yourself
The world doesn’t make sense


Good poetry, Michael. Let me add some humor, from - in honor of the Chicago Cubs, advancing to the World’s Series: :open_mouth:

And there is much to celebrate today:

The Cubs playing in the World’s Series
My Sunday dose of the Joel Osteen, health and property gospel
We find out tonight, who Negal kills off in the AMC **Walking Dead **zombie show.
Off to the Anglican Church service. And everything I believe in - as an Anglo-Orthodox, can either be answered from the Eastern Orthodox, Continuing Anglican Movement or the Quaker perspective (no need for an RYO or Roll Your Own, theological perspective).

And here’s me, after the Joel Osteen TV show. :exclamation: :laughing:

I even feel like singing a song. :exclamation: :laughing:



Good stuff Randy! :smiley:


When you are in the dark
Don’t fear the light
Peel away the layers
By letting them go
Let the river flow
From within
It is in you
Find it and set it free


Here you go [tag]Holy-Fool-P-Zombie[/tag]


Sounds good, Michael. Now we just have to figure out, how we can duplicate the dancing on the ceiling phenomena. :laughing:

Now for some high society dancing. :laughing:




That mystic part at the beginning was hilarious.

Here’s the kind of dancing I did when I was young. I’m surprised it’s still around. I took dancing lessons and would perform in front of the black community:


My mind and heart
change with the wind
To be fully alive
It must change

To be a chameleon
You must change
Flow with the living


Why worry about what I
Can’t change?
I can’t change the world
But I can change
My attitude

God is in the now
He’s found within
and without


The broken love hard
They’ve been in the dark
They appreciate the beauty
Of the shining stars


Dawn To Day

I think of the eternal fire
That purifies all lustful desire
Remembering the lovely and true
As my faith and hope are in You
For the pure in heart see your face
Washed in the beauty of Your grace
As Satan is defeated and cast away
Darkness goes from dawn to day


I must let go of my clouded reason
So that I can show love like a wraith
For under heaven there’s a season
To learn to let go and have faith


Dreams Of Love

I love the blue ocean
And she loves sunsets
These are in our dreams
And with our dreams
We love

This has made us beautiful
United through our dreams
This is what we wanted
And this is what we possess
In love

We see ourselves loving
Experience it’s rapture
As we see ourselves
Reflected inside our dreams
Of love