Saying Grace (Thanksgiving Sermon 2010)


This is a link to a slightly updated version of an article I originally posted at the Christian Cadre back in 2007.

It’s a Thanksgiving Day sermon on “grace”, and on the connections of grace to many theological issues (including ethics and trinitarianism). Local readers may also find some universalistic hints in the text. :mrgreen: (My Cadre compatriots know I’m an orthodox universalist, but I don’t usually argue for it in main posts there.)

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Bumping for 2010 Thanksgiving Eve Morning! :mrgreen:[1].gif[1].gif[1].gif

(Sadly, there weren’t any Indian smilies worth anything at the site depot I love to frequent. Alas… maybe next year…)

Personally, I hope I can catch up on a bunch of things here at the EU forum over the weekend. (Although based on past experience with holiday weekends, I’m not going to hold my breath about that… :laughing:)