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Science and Theology section

I wonder if you could entertain the thought of having a Science and Theology section to tackle issues like creation, cosmology, microbiology, evolution, and other interests of a scientific nature with a focus on theological perspectives and implications.

Would anyone else like to see this?

Actually, the mod-admins agreed that we ought to, several weeks ago. But then we got distracted by… um… other mod/admin topics. :mrgreen:

Just keep reminding us every once in a while. (Someone with actual admin superpowers will have to create it.)

Holey Moley! Great suggestion Dondi !

I would love that and to wet the appetite for such allow me to share a link to a most fascinating video. Here a Jewish scientist, Dr. Gerald Schroeder, reveals how creation occurs in 6 twenty four hour days.


Yes, I’ve read several of his books: Genesis and the Big Bang, The Science of God, and The Hidden Face of God, all thought provoking books. I like a lot of his insights. He has helped me form some of my own ideas on the creation/cosmological/evolution issue, and on the nature of the triune relationship of God in particular, which I touch on in this post. But he is not without his critics, as seen here. I’d like to think that some of those issues can be resolved. Still, though, it is intriguing and thought provoking reading.

Thanks for the link, btw. I’m still kinda wrapping my head around in that whole time dialation thing. But I admire Schroeder’s efforts.

Yes, the subject of time is a great interest of mine and after watching Schroeder’s talk I thought of the discoveries in Quantum Physics and how the dimensions with time at the forefront taking a beating. Seems the good doctor also has the perspective of God from inside the outer fringe of the universe when God could just as likely be looking through a tear in fabric of the cosmos. :mrgreen:

Dondi, thank you for the link to the criticisms. I will check that out as I had actually planned to google and see if there were some.

be blessed,


Sorry to get this up so late.


Yes, I would love to see this new section as an addition to the website!

Glad to see this section also! :slight_smile: