"Search in forums" missing "FEATURED HOSTS"&"EVANGELICAL UNI


In “Advanced search”, the 3 forums under “EVANGELICAL UNIVERSALISM” and the 4 forums under “FEATURED HOSTS” aren’t listed in the “Search in forums:” box. This is a bit painful as I use a bookmark to an “Advanced search”, to quickly show the last week’s worth of posts…


For anyone who is interested, by having the URL of my bookmark as shown below, I instantly see what has been going on over the last week (I find http://www.evangelicaluniversalist.com/forum/search.php?search_id=newposts a bit limiting) :smiley:


Remove line breaks though.



Hopefully one of the admins with actual admin powers will look into that soon. (My admin powers decay after 24 hours; tech limitation.)


Who are the admins with actual powers?


James Goetz and Gene… um… drat, I’ve forgotten his last name. :frowning: :blush: Anyway, he’s Auggy.

Update: I’ve forwarded your initial post to them by private forum mail. Should see an answer, soon.


Gene, that’s augybendoggy, said that he fixed the search problem. Alex, could you try a search to test that the fix was, well, a fix?:slight_smile:


Excellent it’s fixed! Thanks for that.