Search stats since Rob Bell's video


This is just for our forum (scroll to the right for the interesting bit, also scroll down for the search terms).

This is Google worldwide: :mrgreen:

I know he was trending in the top 10 on Twitter.


Should be interesting to watch what comes of this.



Alex, since I’m not so good with graphs, is what you are pointing out that, since Rob Bell’s controversy, there is more interest and queries in topics involving our site? Ok, I hope this wasn’t a really dumb question, which I’m sure it was.


Is anyone else curious how a search for “INTERLINEAR SCRIPTURE ANALYZER” returns so many hits to our site???


bahaha, because we’re serious about our research, that’s why! :wink: :mrgreen:

I actually wondered about this, due to a random character from the opposition decided to show up at a rather convenient point in time. I wonder if we’ll get a bigger influx! :wink: :smiley:


That’s exactly right :slight_smile:

I am :slight_smile:

Googling “ INTERLINEAR SCRIPTURE ANALYZER” shows it’s only mentioned twice (coincidently both by me)

Googling “INTERLINEAR SCRIPTURE ANALYZER” brings us up 6th on the list which is cool. Google must like the quality of the content of our site :sunglasses:

I agree Justin, I expect to see an increase in interest in EU, particularly when Rob Bell gets officially labeled as one!


I’m not positive he’s going there. Maybe, but so far, all he’s done is pose questions. I want to know how he’s answering them!


I’m certain he will eventually :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s somewhat more probable that Rob is going the route of C. S. Lewis: God doesn’t send people to hell, people do.


That would make a bunch of people feel rather silly! :sunglasses:



When I read Rob Bell’s church’s mission statement it sure seemed right up our ally, like he really believes God is in the business of restoring all things. I think he’s an EU, but I’m interested, too Sonia, in seeing how he answers the questions. I think that he is just asking the questions is very telling, though.


I’m on the edge of my seat too! :mrgreen:

Yep, that’ll show the fundies :sunglasses: :laughing: