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Searching for phrases with spaces

I am not sure where to put this so I put it here.

I cannot seem to be able to search for phrases with spaces. When I input a phrase in the “Search” field, such as “Book of Life” in quotations, it returns a list of posts that contain some or all of the words but not necessarily the exact phrase “Book of Life”. Is there a way to force it to only search for this exact phrase?


After you do your initial search, the results page will have a link under where it says, “Search found 988 matches: book of life” that reads “Return to advanced search.” Clicking that will give you the advanced search page, which has a very effective Google custom search box across the top.


Yes, that “advanced search” limits the search to the phrase “book of life” but unfortunately it searches other sites as well (as per google search). Is there any way to do it while limiting the search to The Evangelical Universalist site?

I didn’t see any other websites listed in the results for “Book of Life.”

But if that’s not working for you for some reason, you can use Google to search any specific website by using this format in any regular google search box: “book of life”