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Second Edition

The second edition of The Evangelical Universalist in now available in North America on the Cascade Books website and on

It is available as a print edition and as a Kindle (and the Kindle is only $9.99!!!)

The UK edition will be out in a few weeks. I do not yet know the precise date.

This new edition contains the following new material.

  1. a foreword by Oliver Crisp
  2. a preface explaining how the book came about and the reaction to it.
  3. a new appendix on Rob Bell’s take on universalism
  4. a new appendix responding to some of my critics
  5. a new appendix on the biblical theology of election
  6. a new appendix on what appears to me to be a paradox (contradiction?) at the heart of Calvinist spirituality
  7. a study guide
  8. a Scripture index

So it is quite a lot longer than the first edition.

Hope you like it.

Keep up the good work

Thanks for posting Robin & thank you for all the hard work you put into this edition! I’ve already lent/given away both paper copies I got this week - luckily I have it on my iPhone so that I can finish reading the extras & then re-read the original material too, as it’s been awhile since I read it :sunglasses:

I’m also reading For Calvinism that [tag]Luke[/tag] cheekily gave me for my birthday - it will be particularly interesting in light of your appendices on Election & Calvinism.

Thank you Dr. Parry - looking forward to reading the new edition!! Really enjoyed your interview on GCI’s You’re Included series. I also enjoyed the interviews with C. Baxter Kruger - do you like his work? He seems to be right on the edge of Christian Universalism, just waiting for a nudge to be all in.

Blessings to you and thank you again for your work - it is greatly appreciated!!


Good and bad.

Good because it is an important book.

Bad because there are a number of spelling mistakes in the book. (But then again, I’m reading it on kindle. They might be removed from the hard copy.)

[tag]BBBrad007[/tag] please email or PM me any spelling mistakes you find & I’ll pass them on to Robin :sunglasses:

Robin, is there any significant difference between the US and UK versions, or is it merely a matter of spelling? If it’s just spelling, I’ll buy the US Kindle version now rather than wait till November (as Amazon reckons that’s when it will be available in the UK)



Thanks Alex, that’s great news. Means I get a copy much sooner. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if the author reads this forum often, but I have to say I’m reading his book right now (downloaded it on my kindle) and I’m really really glad I found it. He goes into subjects I really know nothing about and makes them easy to comprehend. I also like the diagrams - I’m a very visual person, and they help me see his ideas very clearly. :slight_smile:

Robin was reasonably active when the forum began, but now only occasionally visits as he’s focusing on other interests.

A few years ago I read the 1st edition of TEU (it was one of the main reasons I became an EU) and when the 2nd edition came out, I read it again & really enjoyed it. I’m glad you found it so helpful (I like the diagrams too :sunglasses: ).

What happened to the 2nd edition? Here in the U.S. I can only find the first edition (e.g., on

Here it is, Akimel – thanks for posting. I somehow missed this thread entirely!