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Seminaries & schools sympathetic to Evangelical Universalism

Does anyone have a breakdown of as CONSERVATIVE as possible seminaries, divinity schools, etc. for starting a Masters in Theology in the US that would allow me a thesis on this doctrine, and possibly PhD on the subject?

Good luck finding that…

(I’d sure be curious to know about any myself!)

One supposes that there must be Eastern Orthodox seminaries, at least, which would allow it. Maybe some Methodist or Anglican?

The catch may be in the possible conclusions for a thesis on universalism. Fuller, perhaps as progressive as evangelical schools get (often hosting Brian McLaren and those to his left) has produced dissertations on universalism. Ajith Fernando published a version of his. But they break no new ground and uniformly offer traditional exegesis and conclusions. The current president has challenged Calvinism’s inclination to think a small number will be saved, and even agreed that Romans 5 is arguing that “all men” are “justified.” But he and all other faculty to my knowledge have publicly rejected universalism, and I suspect that they would join any other conservative school in regarding it as a deal breaker. I remember Dr. David Hubbard defending faculty liberal political views by arguing that the real issue that matters in theology is defending the church’s mission to save souls from eternal judgment. In my view, despite progressive views in many areas, Fuller is committed to upholding the traditional ECT paradigm.

I’m not well informed, but suspect some British school who are serious about exegesis and the place of Scripture may be more open to universalism as a possibility. I know some visiting professors with doctorates from St Andrews, Durham, etc have been more than open to it.