Sermonettes; Hope, Faith, Sight and Live, Life, Alive


Hope, Faith, Sight

If you can hope for a thing, you can have faith for a thing. If you can have faith for a thing, then you can have belief for the sight of the thing coming to pass, or manifesting itself into reality.

Faith is the evidence of things hoped for, the substance of things not seen. Yet we have faith, that by the sight of faith which is the evidence of our hope - that we shall see with fullness of sight the fruition of what our inner eyes behold.

If you hold hope for something, but support its never happening; you are a hypocrite with inner blindness. Have eyes to see, and ears to hear!

Do not hope for something vainly, if you believe with your heart that it won’t be seen by sight. We walk by faith, and not by sight. But it is by faith that we come to sight - by faith we see Christ, but verily the pure of heart will see God face to face! Do not suppose that hope is a mere wish, but true hope is the very crown of an upholding faith in God to do his will and never be thwarted by things subjected to futility.

Hope to see, and see by faith the thing you hope for! Know this, The Lord is mighty to do his will. His will is Good, for he is Good. The Lord is kind, merciful, and graceful. The Lord is Just, and Loving. Know that The Lord is One and so His Grace is His Justice, His Mercy is His Love, and His Love is Himself. His Grace exhibits his Justice, His Love exhibits his Mercy, and His Mercy exhibits His Goodness, and His Goodness exhibits His Will - and His Will exhibits His Glory.

Rest in knowing that God’s will for you is not irrespective of you, but it is for you to his glory, and glorification. At the behest of His mother, Christ turned water into wine. How much more will he make all of Creation new again for His children? Letting milk and honey flow, and preparing a feast of rich food, and aged wine for his divinely inspired little ones?

Do you not know that the breath of God is your spirit? Do you not know that you are God breathed? Do you not know that you are living things, created by his Word, spoken into being?

Will God care for a sparrow in its dying moment, only to leave his child in dust alone?

Will God leave you orphans and widows without Father or Groom?

Will God care for the lilies but let the Eden-shoots of the Tree of Life whither away and rot on the ground?

Will God burn the silver away and leave the dross?

Will God slay the true-you, in killing the thing that you where not intended to be?

Will God give you a stone instead of bread?

Will God give you a harlot instead of a bride?

Will God give you a cup of poison in a dung-bowel, for purest water in a beautiful chalice?

Will God give you pale, passionless recompense for trial’s clearly seen, and felt?

Will God give you darkness for light?

Who amongst you can hope for God’s abundance, not in riches alone, but in beauty and treasures enjoyable? Have you given up Hope for the sake of piety? It is not piety that supports Faith, it is Hope that crowns the very fountain of our Living Water, our Faith who is God which brings forth bread from the Earth; Blessed art thou o’ God who brings forth bread from the Earth.

Piety without Hope is dead and vain. Just as Faith without Action is dead and vain. Just as Faith without Hope is dead and vain.

How can you please the Father without Faith? How can you have living Faith without Hope? How can you have Hope without God? How can you have God if he does not give you Himself? If he gives you Himself, does he not also give you all the blessings he has made for you, and all the beauty that indwells and emanates from Him?

Hold fast to God, and so be full of Hope, that your Hope becomes Faith, and your Faith becomes Sight, and your Sight becomes Rejoicing, and your Rejoicing be with God whom holds fastly to you; He will never forsake you.

Therefore Hope.

Life, Life, Alive

The Tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the Tree of Life.

The Tree of knowledge of good and evil, is much like religion; knowing the difference between good and evil, seeking to be wise, seeking to be as gods. Yet, in partaking of this tree - the innocent committed an act of disobedience, and so lost their innocence, fell under Sin, and Death entered the world, and dying they died, having to sustain themselves by the sweat of their brow as thorns and thistles alone came forth from the earth where before in Eden - God’s created nature provided abundantly all for all of their needs and wants. How reminiscent is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, to The Law, and religion. Yet it brought only Sin, Death, and Disobedience to partake of it. Sorrow comes with knowledge that is not rooted in the Tree of Life.

So much of Christianity today is based on the roots of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Yet it is not meant to be a religion based on knowing the difference between good and evil, being wise or being as gods. This is the religion of the theologian and many Christians today who make it their ministry to hunt heresy and defame others for not “teaching the right knowledge”. Yet if one looks under the surface, and not far under the thin veil of their faith you’ll find the bark of the tree which made Adam and Eve no more wiser than realising how naked they were, and made them nothing more than ashamed in the very heart of Eden, and drove them to madness.

For reason of knowing the difference between Good and Evil, for reason of being wise, for reason of being as gods! They ran from God, and hid themselves in frail fig leaves, covering their nakedness and their shame with the pale work of their own defiled hands.

Yet, Christianity should be based on the Tree of Life. Christianity is not a ‘religion’ based on the knowledge of Good and Evil. That was the offer of the very Devil in the garden! “Your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” Christianity is a living faith to be based on Life, it is a faith to grow, to flex, and to blossom. It is a faith to be lived, and to live. It is a faith to breathe, and draw in the God who gives breath and makes a man a living soul; an organic, living faith!

Christ is the Life, and the Resurrection.

Christ did not come to give the offer of the Devil in the garden. He did not come to give partake of the knowledge of good and evil - but to give partake of the Tree of Life! He came not to make people theologians, or measurers of good and evil, but to be living vessels from which goodness, and rightness, and beauty flow freely by second nature, nay, by first nature! To make righteousness, and purity our native tongue. To make living, and freedom our native culture. To make love and beauty our very nature. Knowledge of Good and Evil may bring wisdom in regards to difference. But Life came to give Wisdom in regard to Truth. For the Life is the Truth - he is the Way also to Himself. He is the path to the Tree of Life, which brings forth Wisdom regarding the Truth. Not mere knowledge or wisdom in regards to good and evil, and the difference between them. But Truth itself, which is far more than moral or even religious experience; but the essence of Life and Love and Righteousness and Goodness itself; The Tree of the Knowledge of God.

As Christ put it in John 17:3;

“This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent”

Life is the knowledge of God, the Tree of Life is the Tree of the Knowledge of God.

It is this tree whence Christianity must blossom and have its being, it is from this tree that Christianity must base its foundations, tenants, doctrines and theologies. It is from this tree that Christianity must express its devotion. Life must be our foundation, not the knowledge of good and evil. It is in Life that we have Truth, and in having Truth are Righteous; doing good by nature, being good by nature, and shunning evil by nature. It is not in the Serpent’s offer which brings forth only “religion”, separation between Man and God, Death, Sin, and Disobedience, frail coverings of fig leaves, shame in the very heart of Eden, and fearful nakedness, running away from God in terror; but in Life that we find our God, and our goodness.

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and anything surrounding it miss the whole point. Arguments over Good and Evil miss the point, for they come only out of the tree where the Serpent sat to tempt Eve, and ruin Man.

Embrace Life, the Tree of Life, and grow in truth, love, righteousness, and goodness.

It is The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that brings forth strife, and railing accusations, demonisation, and the damning of people for “deviation” in knowledge concerning Good and Evil. It is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that separates Man from God, and sends them flying into hiding! It is in this tree that the Serpent sits giving his offer, which leads only to thorns, and thistles, and dying you shall die. It leads to the religion of the Pharisees who sought even to kill Life. It is only in the Tree of Life that we find ourselves back in Eden. It is from the Tree of Life that Christ offers Himself, and everything that goes with him.

Therefore Live.


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That’s some really deep insight there, Lefein! I searched for it online thinking you might have a blog and found you on FB. You should blog.

Anyway, another piece to add to your meditation about the TOKOGAE (Tree of…) is that it did not have any seeds.
Gen 1:29

Interesting implications to that, such as being a sterile tree, unable to reproduce, rather than “fruitful”.

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