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Dear Evangelical Universalists,

I am sure many of you do not believe in the eternal torment doctrine or annihilationism. I know I don’t so I was actively distributing leaflets in Washington D.C. to correct the doctrinal lie.

Nothing happened to me as I passed out “If God Coukd Save Everyone, Would He?” to the general public in front of the Federal Buildings and in front of the Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson Memorials.

Christians have a history of correcting other Christians when they are in doctrinal error.

So my suggestion is if you think the non-Universalist Christians need correcting then as a more spiritually mature Christian you should correct them. Just like Martin Luther corrected the Catholic Church.

Now I don’t mean go to war or create conflict. I mean take the leaflet of the work I will link below and make copies of it and mail it to churches and hand it out in public places or maybe put copies in those public places that say “Take one free.”

This way there is no violence but we are just clarifying the nature of God so that people can come to Him more easily and receive their salvation.

Then we are performing a grassroots movement correction and we aren’t at the mercy of the media or the television but just assisting God anonymously so He receives the glory.

Why do I think we need to do this foot soldier tactic? Because we can make a bigger doctrinal impact then we can in forums. Frequently there isn’t enough forum traffic to alert people to the truth of the Universalist position.

Thank you for reading and considering.

Here is the link if you wish to make leaflets.

If God Could Save Everyone, Would He? … -would-he/


I can’t concentrate on reading this whole leaflet right now, Cloud. Too much going on around me. I’ll try to get back to it later. I do think it might be a bit long for passing out to the general public, no matter how good it is. When I was into passing out tracts (many, many years ago), I found that (horrible as they were), the Chick tracts were the last ones to end up in the gutter.

Of course the problem always is, how to make a truth short and pithy (preferably with engaging illustrations) without watering it down so much that it means nothing at all. I always think the purpose of a leaflet or tract is to whet the appetite; to raise questions in the mind of the reader, and perhaps point him/her to additional resources. We should write one. Maybe Talbott’s triad would be a good outline?


You’re most likely right Cindy. I just don’t,have any experience writing tracts. It is probably twice as long as a leaflet needs to be. But I like how it explains God’s will is greater than men’s and how it shows the law of redemption.

Copying it would be cheaper and shorter if it was more concise.

Sometimes simpler packs a bigger punch.

People don’t have to be limited to that document. You can always write your own and deliver it.

The main thing is that we work to actively correct the doctrinal error.

Because this error could actually be destabilizing worldwide evangelical efforts and/ or increasing spiritual blindness for people who have trouble responding to God’s invitation because of the doctrinal contradiction.

The truth can’t contradict itself and be the truth.

Either God is merciful or He isn’t…It doesn’t say God’s mercy is balanced by His justice.

The bible says God’s mercy is over all His works and man is God’s work.

He is the potter we are the clay.


Oh I completely agree with you on that, Cloud. The hell doctrine is becoming an albatross about our necks as people begin to think these things through more and more. We need to shed it, and not just to “tickle itching ears,” but because it is a lie. People know it has to be a lie. They know a good God would not do such things. I think it would be a very worth-while project. Let me know if you’re interested at all; I’d like to work on it with you.


8 And He, when He comes, will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment; 9 concerning sin, because they do not believe in Me; 10 and concerning righteousness, because I go to the Father and you no longer see Me; 11 and concerning judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged.

Many Christians read this and all they think about is the open sins of the world- but the religious sins of the world are just as important. The Holy Spirit bears witness to the truth. He also exposes the lies of religianity. If they will open up to Him, he will teach them- there is only one Good News, that Jesus came not to condemn the world, but that the world be saved through Him.


You are absolutely right. The sins of the religious world are greater because we dare to stand in the place of God and role model to the rest of the world.

And God is love so He loves everyone all the time.

Spiritual Pride is a demon and demons can afflict believers.

The Spirit of Error is a demon and it includes the unteachable spirit.

I know for a fact a believer can have a demon because I knew a Christian who had evil intentions towards me…He was under the influence of the evil lust demon Asmodeus…He lusted after me yet he accused me of being unteachable because I refused to return to and believe eternal hell doctrine.

I knew he was unholy because he hung out with the biggest group of degenerates I ever met…while I was trying to evangelize these degenerates they were sending me spam images of near naked women in bikinis…So these degenerates had clearly lost their minds to the Asmodeus demon because no man in his right mind sends a woman pictures of other women in undressed states…especially not a woman on God’s business.

They were all possessed by Asmodeus and Asmodeus had jumped to the Christian dude arguing with me about hell doctrine…He was very proud about the fact that God was going to get even with unbelievers.

But God came to make a way for unbelievers…not torture them.

He was vastly mistaken…so I broke off my acquaintanceship with him once I realized he was still steeped in sin like unregenerate men and refused to leave it.


It is hard to give up control of the car when you think you have been hand picked by God and taught by Him to steer the flock.

But anybody can pick up a false idea and get attached to it and then they need godly correction and retraining in righteousness.

When you offer to correct a Christian you will discover who is actually teachable and who has the unteachable spirit.

The unteachable people always get immediately offended just like an unbeliever does.

And that is when they will most likely disclose their false humility.

When you think you know everything there is to know about God…think again…the only one that knows everything is God.

Shame on Piper…I used to like him…until he mocked Rob Bell like an adder from Satan…

Piper needs to be taught deliverance ministry and how to perform a deliverance on himself.

He writes enough books to make people think he is an authority on God but he isn’t even using Christ’s authority totally correctly or he would know a teacher has to particularly beware of having the unteachable spirit.

Let’s pray that Piper receives God’s correction with all humility.

D.L. Moody used to pray for an hour a day for humility and that is why God could use him to spark Great Revivals.


I hadn’t heard about Talbott before.

But guess what I googled universalism tracts and Tentmaker already has a whole page of tract links ready to be printed.

Tracts here:

The use of ALL in the bible is one of the most enlightening studies.

Do You Believe ALL in the Bible?

Though I am still partial to Jones because it is easy to make a theology doctrinal mistake without a lot of detailed scripture connected together and Jones really puts the scriptures together in incredible detail in a very Berean way.


LOL…riding the tide of God’s universal love…I just walked up to the local gambling establishment and left some leaflets right on their door step.

Then I went by Arby’s for a sandwich and left some in the Take One Free box…if someone has free time to read a paper searching for a bargain then they might spend the time on something even better.

Christ’s grace is free.

So let’s be sure we are offering it regularly.


Now let’s celebrate God’s gift of freedom.

We Speak For Nations


Now let’s celebrate God’s gift of freedom.

We Speak For Nations


There goes the LORD again with His Double Witness.

Thank you LORD for taking us along for the ride!


We need a double praise song to celebrate.

Give God the Glory