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Silly, since I'm leaving, but


Picked this up from another site.

Some of this (from tentmaker, which I don’t contribute to, just found it on a web search) would help.

A Biblical, Christian, Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, Ultimate Reconciliation Site and Discussion Forum. We recognize there are translational issues, as well as many different viewpoints, levels of understanding, and varying degrees of levels of Spirit-revelation within the scriptures. There is MUCH room given for those things to be explored and discussed. However, our focus is WITHIN THE SCRIPTURES. Gary Amirault has noted that there needs to be a respect for scripture in the discussion forum. Not any other members’ point of view crammed down others’ throats, but that the default setting is a respect for scripture. Accurately translated (as much as is currently possible), and the Spirit within the letters having been revealed to us, they are reliable.

There are plenty of other places in the world today that are accepting to the deceit that the scriptures are either not reliable, not necessary, or that don’t understand (or care) that the Father and Son, the Spirit, and the written scriptures work in tandem - that they don’t cancel each other out, nor one make the other unnecessary. TM is not one of those places. ** If anyone has any honest, searching questions about the validity of the scriptures (not just a repeated effort to cast doubt or trash them) any moderator will discuss that by PM and try to help you. ** Also, there is a private talk to mods thread section where again, an honest, loving effort will be made to try to help you grow in the faith.

There are many people that come through our community here that are either weak in the faith or have little-to-no faith at all. They view our opinions, often print them to take with them, **and a strong consideration is made as to how those “little ones” may be affected by our witness. **

Getting rid of conservatives will help too, so I will leave now so the rest of you can carry on.
As to the sissy punk remark, or the fundie remark - those were just silly, and moderators should not have allowed them
This forum is not moderated enough (and heck yeah, that means some of my angry remarks would have been cut also - but that’s fine) even though we have moderators that have the skills to do a good job.
Bye and blessings


Aw Dave – you know I’m very sorry to see you go, but I won’t prevail on you a second time – that would be intrusive. :frowning: Still, please know that you are always welcome here, and if you wander in and think you’d like to say something, we welcome your participation. Your suggestions from the Tentmaker site are very good ones, Thanks, and I hope we can take some of this on-board.

Love, Cindy


But who will I now get my fix of funny internet cats with? :frowning:

I know there’s been a ton of discord here lately, but I’m sorry to see you go, Dave. I’m appalled at the level of callousness that’s been going around here lately (and I’m guilty of thinking, but not saying, much worse, myself. :blush: ) But I think things will improve – things have been worse around here before, and from what I’ve seen at other Christian forums, arguments are far more hostile elsewhere.

When even the universalists can’t get along, is it a wonder there are so many denominations? :confused: :unamused:

Anyway, Dave, your avatar will be a welcome sight if ever you decide to return.




Dave, you have such a clever mind, and a wonderful sensitivity for the witness of God. In the short time I have know you I have been enriched by you. I hope you continue sharing your wonderful spirit wherever God might lead you. Since it is the custom here to say goodbye and never really leave, I hope this custom will be followed by you. You have a lot to contribute in the house of God.



Dave, perhaps I am being very selfish in hoping you wont leave. I believe this forum needs people like yourself.
As for the other topic of this thread, I personally think that Tentmakers have done a superb job in their statement regarding scripture. They have resisted the problematic term ‘Word of God’, preferring to emulate Jesus (The Living Word) in referring to the writings as scriptures (ie writings), and they have likewise resisted the equally problematic status ‘The Final Authority’ and yet, they have, at the same time, conveyed their utter respect and endorsement of those God-given inspired writings.


I never did respond to all of your gracious remarks - I was not ‘fishing’ for them, but of course I am thankful for them.
Water under the bridge. It’s never too late for an old dog like me to learn something.


You seem like a young starry eyed dreamer to me, DaveB. Speaking of old dogs, have a look at this :



Steve, I have laughed long and hard at that vid before, it is one of the greats.
Thanks for reminding of it.


Hi Dave,

I’ve been off-line for a while and seem to have missed some unpleasantness. Very sorry to see you go.

I like Lewis’s take on scripture as found in Reflections on the Psalms (Ch11). It is deeply respectful, but not fundamentalist.

We really do need to have a close look at how we see and use the Bible. In Dawkin’s forum, one of the stand-out reasons for choosing atheism (as given by his devotees) is, “I read the Bible”.

In reply, I often suggest the Bible is like a great river washing ideas down from the mountains of the past. At first glance, all you see is mud and gravel. But diamonds are found in that gravel, for those with eyes to see. And gold.


Rumours of Dave’s demise have been greatly exaggerated Allan :laughing:


That’s a good conceptual picture, thanks.
Ah, I’m back…like a bad penny. :laughing:

Actually my concern was that I was doing more harm than good; I had to think about it awhile; decided to come back and do more good than harm!
Water under that bridge…


Excellent news :slight_smile: