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Site transfer funding poll

I was going to create a poll but then realized I couldn’t get the granularity we might need from 10 options in the poll.

So, to update: Alex has found a new forum engine, and if I understand correctly the designer of the engine (which has been in use for a while now and which has a good reputation) will port forums from old engines (like ours, phpBB) to his new engine.

Naturally, he doesn’t do this for free. The estimated quote (the final quote could be more or less, we don’t know yet) is $1500, plus $100 setup. Then $10 a month in perpetuity afterward.

I’m actually okay with covering all this cost. But it’s still a significant cost (on the transfer, not the upkeep), so I think it’s a good idea to check how many members would be willing to contribute for a one time donation to help me cover the cost, and if so how much.

This isn’t an official pledge request. I’m just trying to get an idea of how much help could be expected. :slight_smile: Obviously I would pay for the transfer first, and then once everything is safely done people could make donations to offset the cost after the fact. The point here is to protect as many people as possible from making donations blindly to something that they don’t know for sure will ever happen. (There are also issues of consolidating the tax burden to one person and so forth, just to simplify the accounting without having to create a non-profit legal entity with directors or whatever.)

I would contribute, do you want us to mention an amount here or PM you?

Good question. It would be easier if people stated publicly, but pms are fine, too. :slight_smile:

Good question. It would be easier if people stated publicly, but pms are fine, too. :slight_smile:

OK i could do $100 & if you are a little short i could contribute a little more

I hope the $1,500 estimated cost is realistic cause it sounds pretty low

What does JP’s height have to do with it? :laughing:

I will try for $50.

Put me down for 100.

That’s 16% of $1600 already, right there! :nerd: :sunglasses:


16% of $1600 = $256[/size]


16% of $1600 = $256

He rounded up 15.63% Paidion you are to literal! :smiley:

[size=130]It’s not that I’m “too literal” Steve. I hadn’t realized that $250 had already been offered.[/size]

$50 here, maybe more if this is a reality.

How would we end up paying? I remember seeing something in posts Jason has made about donating $5, but I forgot what the mechanism was. If it can be done through a company I trust such as Amazon I would be inclined to put $50.

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They can implement PayPal and anyone can pay as a guest or snailmail!

Yeah, no one would contribute ANYTHING until we get the forum transferred. (Well, no one but me.)

Once the fait has been accompli’d, so to speak, then, well, we can work something out. I have a Paypal account, or people can buy copies of my novel on Amazon (and give them for presents or donate to libraries or whatever). The $5 donation option through Amazon doesn’t work anymore. (Note to self, I should remove that link from my exegetical posts.)

I could do $100 now (or on transfer–either way) and more later, Jason.

i will certainly contribute…how do i do it please ? credit card ?

i will match your 100 !

Thanks, everyone! I just want to give you all an update. Jason and Alex are working out details now about esoteric techie things and I think we’ll soon get news that the process of transfer is underway. I’ll let you know. And thanks again! You all are great. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

How do we contribute what we pledged?

I don’t even know how to PM people on this site yet.

I’m kind of waiting until we get more of a handle on the site before opening up for donations. Seems the fairest thing to do. (…also the laziest, so… :wink: )

Jason - I have supported Wikipedia for years with an automatic monthly 10.00 donation from my bank account. Easy and monetarily irrelevent, personally. I assume others here would agree to this type of financial support for this forum?

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