Speculation; Who Deserves More?


Is mankind more deserving of Hell than God is deserving of His desire to save all mankind? Who is more deserving? Man or God?

Does all mankind deserve endless separation from God in hopeless enslavement to his ever devouring sins in a Devil’s Hell more than God deserves that all mankind be reconciled back to him, love him, be saved, worship him, praise him, and enjoy him, and be righteous as He intended them to be?

Who is more deserving, Man or God?

Man may indeed deserve Hell, but God deserves His desires met more. He will have his desire.


I’ve been thinking along similar lines lately, but with the phrase (not sure where I got the idea from :wink: ) :

Who wins? God or Man?

Arminians say Man *wins *(only in the sense that most get to choose ECT :unamused:) and God doesn’t, because He doesn’t win over most people :frowning:

Calvinists say God wins, only it’s not much of a win, because He doesn’t win over most people :frowning:

EUs say God wins & Man wins. God wins over everyone. And Man wins because reconciliation is way better than ECT :sunglasses:

So it’s not just that Love Wins, it’s that God really Wins & Man really Wins. Everyone’s a real winner :mrgreen:

I also keep trying to tell my Calvinists friends that God deserves to win over everyone, so why are they happy that He doesn’t?