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Spiritualizing "Little Bo Peep"


[size=140]Spiritualizing “Little Bo Peep”[/size]

“Bo” is an exclamation designed to startle or frighten. In this case, though just a little one, it has caused your friend to hide, and peep around the corner. You have startled him by shouting, “Bo!” and have become very bold, having lost your sheepishness.

You no longer know where to find your former humble feelings. Now you want only to scare people and to dominate them.


Yes, just leave your former sheepish feelings alone. They’ll come home to somebody else. You have no more need of them!

The people who now have sheepish feelings you once had, are so wimpish, they resemble dogs that wag their tails at you, hoping to ingratiate themselves with you. (End of “Little Bo Peep” exegesis).

I trust you will never again read “Little Bo Peep” in the former literal, wooden way!

At Martin Zender’s website, Melvin, Mayhem, and Marvel readily spiritualize scripture so as to explain away its meaning:


I’m sure you will have some thoughts about this.Spiritualizing Scripture, the Crime](


Lol Paidion, someone’s got a bee in their bonnet… not literally, that’s a figure of speech. :laughing:


Folks might not be familiar, with the original story. How about a video reinactment :question: Some music please, maestro :exclamation: :laughing:


And now for a more literal interpretation of “Little Bo Peep”:

Little Bo Peep is a little girl who has lost her sheep and can’t tell where to find them.
Now that’s reasonable, isn’t it? It’s reasonable to assume—that if Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, then OF COURSE she can’t tell where to find them.

But leave them alone! Leave them alone! And they, they being the sheep, shall come home. Oh, there’ll be a brighter day tomorrow; they shall come home!

Wagging their tails! Wagging their tails! Pray tell, what else could they wag?

Behind them! Behind them! Did we think they’d wag them IN FRONT?