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Srugim- Israeli TV series

I’ve been marathon watching Srugim, an Israeli TV series, for the last week. It is one of the most wholesome and entertaining TV series’ I’ve ever seen.

It focuses on the lives of five orthodox young adults living in Jerusalem, starting in 2008. I have learned more about Judaism watching than I ever came close to knowing before.

As they navigate their lives attempting to comply with the law, it is apparent that many of these people truly love God. Hopefully, they will be just as thrilled as the rest of us to learn one day that all their hard work was for nothing, as Jesus preceded their efforts right there in Jerusalem and proclaimed, “It is finished”.

Three 15 episode seasons are available for free on Hulu, with some commercials. If you have Amazon Prime, the first two season are available there with no commercials. A fourth season was produced but I haven’t found it available yet.

Also a good chance to pick up a little Hebrew as you follow along with the subtitles- someone needs to do a count of how many times “shabbat shalom” is said in the series.

Sounds interesting Trey. No doubt that is why I find the Maccabeats so appealing for similar reasons. :wink:

Sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out!