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Text of Parry's Rethinking Hell talk!

Robin Parry gave this excellent talk at the 2015 Rethinking Hell Conference:

Text as blog posts:

Entire talk as a PDF:
Parry—Burning-Love—Rethinking-Hell-Conference (7602 words)

Great, looking forward to it!


The Big Picture of the Bible—Diagram 4 of “The Evangelical Universalist”, p129

For anyone whose system, like mine, can’t see the video from this forum, here’s the link to the video directly:


Most Christians are universalists about Christ’s humanity (he represents everyone), crucifixion (died for everyone), & resurrection (everyone will be raised).

How does the “now & not yet” tension effect salvation? Robin Parry shares some thoughts.

In the above post, Robin Parry unpacks significant problems with Augustine’s view of hell:
—would mean God sustains the existence of sinners & evil forever
—undermines the simplicity of God, the Trinity, & His beauty
—isn’t a display of biblical justice
—isn’t desiring what’s best (love) for his children, which is union with God in Christ

I came across this disturbing photo from the “Old Jail” tourist attraction in St. Augustine:


Can God achieve all His good intentions for Creation or does He reluctantly settle for second best people choose evil? Robin Parry identifies the cost of the “free will implies eternal self-harm or self-annihilation” views: