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Thanks from Mike McClymond


Hiya 

I thought you might be interested to know that EU gets a mention in Mike McClymond’s recently published book against universalism ‘The Devil’s Redemption’. Here is the relevant passage from his Acknowledgements:

“Unexpected help in my writing came from bloggers at the website Having discovered a YouTube version of a lecture I gave, the online Christian universalist community did me the honor of attacking my arguments and exposing their weaknesses. The website aggregated more than one hundred thousand words of commentary on my lecture when I entered the lion’s den, logged in under my own name, and received further feedback. My arguments are stronger because of their criticism. In the same vein, I am grateful to Robin Parry for blogging at Parry’s online discussion displays cordiality, openness, and respect for divergent viewpoints as he defends Christian universalism.”


Jolly!! ?


Bogus disigenious excerpt. It honestly reads like “Hey, I went up against the best they had, and it solidfied my stance and proof further!” It is a way to trumpet his position while making it appear that he was open and fair minded.

You see this drivel in academia all the time, actually in everything. Take MMA or Boxing when a guy loses. “Hats off to him, he was the better man tonight” as if it would not be true on any other night. It tries to give an appearance of class, but really makes a mockery of it.


I am looking forward to reading more of this survey. There’s a free online preview here:

and at Amazon:


I think you are probably right Gabe :smiley:


What do you think Dave? It’s jolly for Dr Mike - yes that much is clear :smiley:


I should have been clearer - Dr. Mike’s apparent jolliosity - yes I made up the word - as he, at least in his own mind, was twisting the knife in his opponent, was at once both humorous and “full of it”, the ‘it’ in said clause rhyming with its referent.
So good to hear from you Old China.


Lovely to hear from you too old china :slight_smile: Going on holiday down to the English coast for a week . But will keep an eye on this thread. Hope all is well with you :slight_smile:


P.S. ‘Jolliosity’ is a great neologism :smile: