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The A & P of Scripture

  1. What is the purpose of the A & P?

  2. Identify the A & P.

Let’s start with #2 first.

  1. Identify the A & P.

No, F.L., this defunct Tea Company is NOT the subject of this thread!

  1. We will explore Who the Archegos & Prodromos is.

  2. The mission of the A. & P.

"He heals up the brokenhearted & heals up ALL their wounds."

The Archegos =

The chief Leader/ Prince.

One that takes the lead (affords an example).



The Author.

Prodromos =

One sent before.

A spy/ scout/ soldier.

Comes in advance to a place where the rest are to follow.

"He heals up the brokenhearted & heals up ALL their wounds."

The Unlimited Son Of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, preached to even the dead (the nekros). The results were spectacular with a capital S

“Cause My people to breathe again.”

  1. The Spirit of the Lord poured out on parched (desert land). -Isa. 32.15-

  2. Give them singleness of heart /a new spirit/ a heart of flesh. -Ezek. 11.19-

  3. Put My Spirit in you / cause you to walk in My statutes (to carefully observe my ordinances). -Ezek. 37.27-

  4. The nations around you shall know I have replanted what was destitute. -Ezek. 37.26-

  5. I will pour out My Spirit on ALL PEOPLE. -Joel 2. 8-

“Come then the four winds, O breathe breath on these slain, so they may live.”