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You need to look at 3 things:

When did Lewis make those statements?
In what context?
Did he later make statements to supersede them?

There’s an interesting article at the Christian Research Institute entitled C. S. Lewis on Hell.

And, Yes. Rev. R.W. Wright, does take the P-Zombie approach. But other clergy in the Anglican Church, do side with annihilation. And I even seen one clergy (Episcopal Church), openly describe himself as a universalist - before a sermon.


Of course we have chances but because people are separated from God’s mercy they are fixed in their attitudes. As C.S. Lewis states in “The Joyful Christian” on hell and it’s timelessness or temporality":


In The Problem of Pain he said,


Incorrect, incorrect, incorrect, and incorrect. Perhaps the single worst line that Lewis ever wrote?

Ha! Lewis never met me. (He has an excuse on this point, since I wasn’t born until 7 years after his death.)


Here’s the GREATEST line of C.S. Lewis:


Scientists need to hurry up and invent time travel, Geoffrey, so you can rectify that situation with C.S. Lewis :exclamation: :laughing: