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Went to an Anglo-Catholic (Anglican) church today. The wine was very sweet and delicious. :smiley: The thing I like about it is that they hold to enough Catholicism for me to be satisfied. Yet Wikipedia states that they are a bridge for Catholic/Reformed. This is also what one of the members at the church told me. If that’s the case then I’m a happy camper in the Anglican church. It’s a traditional Anglican in the tradition of C.S. Lewis. But seeing that Robin Parry’s Chapter on Universalism in Four Views on Hell is now considered orthodox, I can hold to this view and be Anglo-Catholic. This is fascinating and something I’m looking for! Moreover, they honor the angels and St. Michael The Archangel unlike the Protestant churches I’ve been to. Their youth attend a school called “St. Michael’s”. Does anyone know anything else about the Anglican church?

[tag]Holy-Fool-P-Zombie[/tag] should.

I do find that interesting. And I do call myself Anglo-Orthodox, which Wiki says is:

I’m also aligned with a conservative Anglican Church, which means I don’t side with any liberal tendencies, like same sex marriage and/or blessings. Here’s part of what they share, from their church site:

Yep. That’s the one. They hold to traditional family values (like me). Here’s a Wikipedia section (Anglicanism) on the Catholic and Reformed:

Just found this in “The New World Encyclopedia”

I find the continuing Anglican movement interesting: … n_movement

I suspect that if C. S. Lewis were still alive here on planet Earth, he would be part of the continuing Anglican movement. I can neither imagine him accepting priestesses (as does Canterbury) or invocations to the saints (as do Orthodoxy and Rome). The church group that most closely (a.k.a., pretty much exactly) embodies Lewis’s beliefs are the continuing Anglicans.

I’m not sure if the Anglican church I went to prays to the saints. They do say the Rosary though and pray to Mary. One of the people there told me that they were also conservative.

Does this mean you are thinking ( or have already) of switching from Roman Catholicism, to a church practicing Anglo-Catholicism? Just curious. :smiley:

I think so Randy. Since Robin Parry’s Universalism is now orthodox I can hold to it and be Anglican. They’re almost Catholic and accept the saints and mystics of Catholicism.

It also makes perfect sense to me, Michael. And they also accept the saints and mystics of Eastern Orthodoxy, as far as I know. Perhaps you should make an appointment, to talk to the clergy, of an Anglo-Catholic Church. Ask questions and such. Also pay a visit to a service or 2. :exclamation: :smiley:

It looks like I’m going to do that Randy. They gave me a copy of “The Book of Common Prayer” yesterday when I attended mass. Last night I found this:

Looks like they believe in eternal hell of some sort. Pretty sure though that they don’t consider “The Book of Common Prayer” to be infallible. Oh well, if they won’t accept a universalism I’m going to keep going anyway.

I believe they allow for different “established” opinions - regarding the afterlife. If universalism is now an “established opinion”, then it is allowed. That’s why I suggested a chat with the clergy. But a few years ago, I did hear a sermon at a local Episcopal Church - before it became too liberal. The assistant clergy member, did publicly say he was a universlist.

Please also read though the responses, from this forum in 2013:

According to Anglicanism, is Universalism heretical?

Keep in mind, that things might be different in 2016 - probably even more open and favorable.

As far as the Episcopal Church branch goes… they will probably enter a motion (at the Anglican Communion), to ordain robots…to help with the church functions. :exclamation: :laughing:

Have you looked at the Old Catholic Churches ? I’m not sure, of their position on Universalism.

I don’t think we have an Old Catholic church around here where I live. I’ll check. I did find this from Wikipedia though. It’s a list of Anglicans who are or were Universalists:

I will be contacting the office. Can’t do it today because it’s labor day. :frowning:

To clarify: Amongst continuing Anglicans there are some more on the Protestant side of the spectrum, and some are more on the Catholic side of the spectrum. I think Lewis would go to the one as far towards Catholicism as he could get without prayers to Mary and the saints. In other words, probably one somewhere in the middle. I definitely do not think that he would remain in communion with Canterbury with its priestesses, bishopesses (Is that a word?), and toleration of the sexual mores of pagan Rome.

Well, the Anglican church I went to says they love C.S. Lewis.

C. S. Lewis is probably the most widely loved English-language author amongst Christians. Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Protestants, and even Mormons love him.

I agree

Talked to the priest and in the tradition of C.S. Lewis he holds hell to be eternal. I can handle that I guess.

Not necessarily. Look at Jason’s responses to my statements and questions on C.S. Lewis, in the current thread Hello and God bless to ALL!

C.S. Lewis said of hell,

Lewis also said,