_The Apocalypse and Conditional Futurism_


Does anybody want to proofread or criticize sample chapters of The Apocalypse and Conditional Futurism:
Commentary on Revelation and the Ancient Church Controversy about the Duration of Punishments in Hades?

I cannot post the chapters, but I email them to interested individuals.


Normally I would volunteer, but I moved into my summer schedule of editing and composition on the novels this week. Sorry. It could be a long time before I’m in a position to read over and crit other book-length material. (I thought your essay was rather good, on your site, recently, for what it’s worth. :slight_smile: )


Is this your work? Why cannot you post the chapters? I would love to see them rayfius@yahoo.com


Because then they would be “published”. After which few if any publishers would agree to publish them again. (Publishers don’t like risking money up front any more than anyone else, so why would they do so for material that has already been made freely available on the internet?)

James is doing the right thing, if he’s hoping that someone else will publish his work someday in print. So long as he makes the distribution private, a publisher won’t mind him sharing it with some friends.

(To give another example: spec-fic writers, such as myself, can post up short stories or chapters or heck even whole books, in pieces, at Critters.org, for reader comments, without damaging our chances of being published; because Critters operates under password security for members only. Thus, it’s privately distributed, not publicly so, i.e. not published already.)


I have some time now and then while I’m here in Iraq. I’'ll give it a go as I’m able if you’d like. Not an in depth critique, right? Just proofreading.



I thought that “Hades” differed from the final state abode?


Technically it does, but in popular thought it tends to get conflated with Gehenna (even among the patristics).

Of course, insofar as ‘hades’ = ‘sheol’, then in OT parlance an annihilationist (like Dr. Bacch, whose chapter on the topic I commented through a lot of, a while back) would say that sheol/hades does last forever for the sinner. I thought it was odd that Dr. Bacch leaned so heavily on that, and away from the NT (and some OT) testimony regarding the resurrection of the evil as well as the good.

(One result of his emphasis was the peculiar doctrine of annihilated corpses nauseating the righteous forever–that was his way of getting around the apparent interpretation of that OT verse the other way: that the wholly ruined ones would be eternally ashamed.)


Thank you to everybody who has shown and will show interest. I’ll soon send out the sample chapters in a .doc attachment.

I thank Jason for explaining my need to keep this offline with limited distribution.

This is a 31-page sample, which is highly polished. I want to see if it needs more polish. The first three chapters in a nonfiction book are critical for a book proposal.

I want to know if it’s an easy read. For example, it would help me to know if 90% of test readers have no idea what I’m saying in a particular paragraph. I don’t need anything in depth. For example, you could identify if you think that a sentence or paragraph might need to be recast, but you don’t need to make any suggestions about the recast. And I need to know if I missed a typo.

Also, if it makes you nod out and you cannot complete reading it, then gently let me know in an email.

I’m not concerned about theological criticism in this. I’ve made plenty of posts on the forum where we can do that to our hearts content. LOL:) And all of the major theological concepts that’ll be in the book have already been addressed one place or another in the forum.

Well, I’m an Evangelical Universalist who believes that Hades isn’t the final state of abode for anybody.

My commentary will eventually cover, Revelation 20:14 TNIV, “Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death.”

Some of the Church Fathers that I’ll quote don’t make much distinction between Hades and the lake of fire. And Luke describes Hades to look similar Gehenna, but perhaps less intense.

Hades will be a special topic at the end of the commentary. Sorry that you won’t see it in the sample chapters.