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The Christian Post: "Christian Universalism...Must Be Opposed"

An interesting article today in The Christian Post for your consideration, which references, and links to, this forum (!):

Christian Universalism ‘Alive and Well’ and Must Be Opposed, Says Modern Christianity Professor,” by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post Reporter, Jul 3, 2018.

For myself, the most convincing argument supporting evangelical universalism has to do with the distinction between time and eternity. As I said elsewhere in this forum:

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That article was not very astute, was it? To summarily give the reader the impression that EU can be dismissed in a half-page is something I’ve learned to expect from mainline E’licals.

True. But at least they tried to point out that there are distinctions among us. And they linked to this forum. And they ended the article with a good quote from William Paul Young.

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Hopefully people won’t associate this site with “gnostic-based thinking”:

“Some speak out from a more gnostic-based thinking; while there are is also a website called The Evangelical Universalist Forum.”

Or that everyone is already saved:

“Christian Universalism, which positions that all people, not some, are saved through Jesus Christ,…”

H - I agree that they had a couple of somewhat balanced points! Thanks for the link.