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The Cup Jesus Drank

So, I’ve been thinking again about the cup that Jesus drank in His suffering, death and resurrection for the salvation of the world and I think it was the cup of salvation not the cup of God’s wrath. Indeed, Christ learned obedience through what He suffered and was made perfect. Moreover at Passover, before He asks God to remove the cup from Him, He and His disciples would drink the cup of blessing (salvation) where Christ identifies the wine and bread as His blood and body. This is the cup of salvation. He also told James and John that they would drink from His cup that He would drink from. We know this isn’t the same cup of wrath for if Jesus suffered the penalty for James and Johns sins then it would make no sense to make James. and John suffer that same penalty again for their sins. It would be a double payment which is unjust. I think what Jesus has in mind is the death to self. We die daily as we drink the cup. We are to deny ourselves and take up our crosses daily as we are crucified with Christ and baptized into His death and raised to life for the salvation of the world. The Cup is therefore the cup of salvation not the cup of God’s wrath. The Cup is our crucifixion and death to self and resurrection to new life.