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The Didache

Bart D Ehrman is starting to the cover the Didache on his blog. Not sure who are members of his blog, but I have learn quite a bit about textual criticism, his opinions and background and overall just very informative. Even further, many people whom are members on his blog have some great contributions.

I have never read the Didache and found it pretty interesting. It somewhat deviates from the Bible and yet you can clearly see things were taken from the Bible with some ‘addtitions’. That is, many things are given a reason. For example, you read a rule and think “What did Jesus mean by that” and you will find the Didache often gives a reason why. As to whether it is right or not, I cannot say. But I found this very interesting.

What I like about Bart is that it sounds like come from a very similar background and the thought process is similar. Granted, as someone who is not a scholar, I know next to NOTHING, but that doesn’t mean as a layman I can’t read between the lines. Many other scholars tend to be very egotistical, talk down to the laymen, etc… In fact, what I appreciate about Bart is that he is accessible.

Just wanted to share that I found the Didache interesting and was curious if others have read it and what their thoughts were on it.

For those who have never read The Didache (The Teaching [of the Twelve Apostles]), you can read it here: