The Evangelical Universalist is everywhere!


In the recent past I’ve been travelling all over the UK looking at universities, bringing me into contact with a lot of academic bookshops (:D). I am amazed at the profile of TEU. I have seen it in two different Durham bookshops (including the Cathedral one - I wonder how NT Wright would feel), two major London bookshops (both secular) and Blackwell’s in Oxford. Go Gregory! :slight_smile:


I am surprised - it has not be selling that well in the UK. Good old SPCK!


How is it selling elsewhere? Considering you only wrote the book for yourself it’s sold way beyond expectation!

Although Christianity is declining in the UK my personal view is that evangelicalism and conservative Catholicism are actually increasing. The latter is certainly true in my own area, the former not so much, but I remember reading a New Statesmen which said that 40% of the CofE is now evangelical. Conferences such as Spring Harvest and New Wine are bigger than ever. We don’t seem to have the Emergent Wars going on here either, apart from the true fundies (eg. WEST) people are fairly open to people like Brian McLaren and Tom Wright.


My hope in the near future is to add an “ad MOD” - advertisment module - on to the forum which will link people to amazon to buy the book. If we can get people here to the forum then they might just click the ad and get the book.