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The Evangelizing Universalist - A Positive Experience

Hi, all,

I’ve shared my hope in universal restoration with my Christian friends before, but they usually greet my words with a sort of leery disquiet. Yesterday, however, I actually had a resoundingly positive experience in discussing Christian Universalism, so of course I had to share with you all.:slight_smile:

I was in class last evening, and some students across the room were discussing Christianity. One girl, a warm and bubbly pre-med student with whom I enjoy swapping favorite books and TV shows, mentioned that she was an “almost Catholic.” Of course, I piped up from my side of the room, saying, “Me too! I grew up in Catholic school, and I still attend a Catholic parish with my dad. I think Catholicism is a beautiful faith, but I just can’t commit to such legalism.”

Then she confided in a quieter voice, “You know, I can’t really believe God would send anyone to eternal hell. It just doesn’t match His nature.”

She was probably a bit surprised when I eagerly responded, “I feel the same way! And I have actual reasons – not just feelings – to think so!”

I told her about The Evangelical Universalist, and how the movement for universal reconciliation has gained momentum in England and bits of the U.S. She was thrilled and promptly wrote down Parry’s book.

Of course, I also mentioned you all, so I am really hoping so stops by the forums. Being a busy pre-med student, I doubt she’ll have much time to delve into extensive discussion, but I was nonetheless so happy to see a wave of curiosity and comfort come over her when I mentioned universal restoration.

Just had to share. :slight_smile:

In Christ our Hen,


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Yay! :smiley:

What a blessing. Maybe the start of a long friendship. :smiley:

That’s fantastic! Nice one :smiley:

That’s awesome! The more negative reactions we experience, the more we appreciate the positive ones! Hallelujah!